Achieve natural-looking results with plastic cosmetic face procedures

As we age gravity starts to take its toll, and we start to sag. Nowhere is this more evident than our faces which start to show the signs of ageing the earliest. Which is fine. Ageing is a perfectly natural process. Only, sometimes, we’d like age and gravity to—aesthetically—either be a little kinder or a little slower.

This is where Dr Hadi and her team come in.

Dr Hadi her team are driven by a passion and drive to help women achieve their desired beauty results.  When you visit the Swan Clinic you will learn that it’s about you, your health and your beauty goals. Dr Hadi will sit with you and determine your desired outcome as well as your expectations to ensure she can help give you your desired result.

The utmost in professional care

When you visit The Swan Clinic you will be working with a discreet, professional all-female team. You won’t find before and afters on our website because we value our clients’ privacy, and their results are not yours. However, some clients have allowed us to use their before and afters during consultations as a bit of an indication of what can be done.

Plastic cosmetic face procedures from Dr Hadi at The Swan Clinic

If you would like to know more about plastic cosmetic face procedures, or to request an appointment, please contact The Swan Clinic today.