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Patient info

Talk to us

At the Swan Clinic, we pride ourselves on being kind and courteous to our patients. When you call us, you will be greeted by our friendly team of receptionist’s who are ready to answer your questions. If the matter is urgent, you have the option of sending a photo via email or SMS so that we can ascertain how quickly you need to be seen.

Meet us

Consultations with Dr Hadi are on Wednesdays and cost is $250.00. New AHPRA guidelines require two consultations, and a GP referral letter is mandatory. If your procedure matches a Medicare item number, you could be eligible for a $80.85 rebate.

To book with Dr Hadi, please email photos of the area you wish to have the procedure/s. To deter missed appointments, the $250.00 non-refundable consultation fee is required upon confirmation of suitability.

Prior to your visit, The Swan Clinic nurse will brief you on your potential procedure. You will be required to complete the pre-appointment information sheets and return them via email or bring them on the consultation day along with your GP referral.

Patients are then given a simple, easy to understand quote with no hidden costs within a few hours of the first consultation. You are then invited to come back for a second consult at no extra cost. This second visit is to again discuss the procedure and to ensure that all questions are answered.

Surgery day

We will endeavour to find the surgery date that suits you. Patient comfort is paramount and if possible, patients are given the option of having simple surgery under local anaesthetic in the rooms, or under general anaesthetic or sedation in hospital.

A careful and meticulous approach to surgery is paramount to outcome. A gentle surgical approach focused on accuracy and minimal tissue damage ensures the fastest possible recovery from surgery.

Dr Hadi believes that at each stage patients should be comfortable. Reducing pain and swelling is the key. Pain is something which should be avoided and minimised at each step. This includes pre-operatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively. This is done through local anaesthetic blocks, analgesia combined with a gentle surgical technique that minimises bruising. Compressive garments and bandaging postoperatively can also help reduce any pain from swelling.

Post-operative care

After surgery, Dr Hadi believes in frequent post-operative review’s to ensure optimal healing occurs. This includes regular visits while you are in hospital and then follow up visits in the clinic at no extra charge. You will be given Dr Hadi’s number postoperatively so that you can contact her in case of emergency.

Any questions?

We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions:

02 9526 6885

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