Neck lift and liposuction

Neck lift surgery is a complex procedure to reconstruct the neck and lower face

It involves repairing the platysma muscle of the neck, removing excess fat and trimming excess skin. The incisions are made, hidden in the hair line and within the ear. Through these incisions, the lax muscles are redraped. If needed, an additional incision is made under the chin. This is used to repair the divaricated muscle under the chin. Excess fat is then removed through the cut in the chin. Liposuction may also be used to contour the neck. To have a look at what this operation is likely to achieve, stand in front of the mirror and pull the skin back.

Desired Results

The desired results for a neck lift is generally a more youthful-looking neck.

Also known as

  • Neck surgery
  • Neck skin lift
  • Cosmetic neck surgery
  • Plastic neck surgery

What are my neck lift and rejuvenation options?

How long can the neck lift procedure take?

A neck lift is a four-hour procedure used to recontour the neck to a youthful cervicofacial angle and remove excessive tissues. It can also improve the marionette lines and the nasolabial folds. Fat grafting can be combined with a neck lift procedure to restore the malar cheek area. A drain on each side will be placed which will be removed the next day.

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