Vaginal tightening

Who is suitable for Vaginal tightening and perineal body repair?


This operation usually helps patients after childbirth. During vaginal deliveries, tears can occur or cuts (episiotomy are needed). Vacuum or forceps deliveries may increase the risk of injury occurring during childbirth. This can result in the tissues healing looser. The tear can sometimes extend back into the perineal body (between the vaginal and anal area). This area will need to be repaired at the same time.

At the Swan Clinic your comfort and privacy are paramount. Any photos taken will never be shown to anyone. In addition, we can ensure an all-female theatre for your comfort.

How can I prepare for vaginal tightening surgery?

You will need to see Dr Hadi twice.

The first consult takes you through the operation as well as expected results. The second consult is at no extra cost to you and runs through things again. All risks and benefits will be discussed with you and treatment will be tailored to your needs and your body shape.

When you decide to proceed, there are a few things you can do to prepare:

  1. If you are having regular periods, try and time the surgery at the end of your period. This allows you three weeks to recover before your next period cycle and may minimise discomfort.
  2. Stop smoking as this significantly increases complications rates. You cannot smoke for 6 weeks prior and 6 weeks after surgery.
  3. Stop all blood thinners unless previously discussed with Dr Hadi. Please stop any over the counter medications that might thin the blood such as fish oil, krill oil and ginseng. Please check any over the counter medications to see whether they contain these ingredients.
  4. Shower the morning of surgery with a medicated soap. These reduce the bacteria living on the skin and there is evidence it reduces chance of infection. These can be obtained from most pharmacies.
  5. Obtain your antibiotic and pain killer scripts from the pharmacy beforehand.
  6. You will need some pads after the operation to mop up any ooze. If you prefer a specific brand, you are welcome to bring these with you to use after surgery, otherwise you will be given one after surgery.
  7. Please bring loose fitting full brief underwear and dark clothing to wear after surgery

About the vaginal tightening procedure

You will need to fast for at least six hours before surgery. The operation usually takes 2 to 3 hours and is performed under general anaesthetic at a major accredited hospital. Local anaesthetic is then placed and a strip of tissue is removed from the back wall of the vagina. The muscles are then repaired using dissolvable sutures. A layer of stitches is placed on top. The perineal body is then repaired by removing tissue from either side and repairing it in the midline. Vaseline is then applied. Patients can go home the same day or stay overnight depending on your preference. A urinary catheter will be placed during the procedure which will be removed before you go home. All sutures are dissolvable.

Recovery after vaginal tightening

Once you’ve had the procedure, you will have a recovery time of around one week. You will need to avoid heavy exercise for around one month. You will be given antibiotic tablets and pain relief tablets to take home so that you can be comfortable. You will be given Dr Hadi’s number to contact her if you have any concerns or questions postoperatively.

Post vaginal tightening surgical care

Your wound is closed in layers with dissolvable sutures. You will need to wear a pad for around a week to absorb any excess ooze.
After you have gone to the toilet, be sure to wash the area with water, pat dry and apply Vaseline.

Resuming activities after surgery

You will be able to shower the next day after your surgery. Be sure to pat the area dry and then apply Vaseline.
You will not be able to drive for the first 24 hours after sedation but after that you can drive as soon as it is comfortable to do so. This is generally a minimum of one week. As for sexual activity – allow six weeks so that the sutures are not disrupted.

What can you do after surgery to get the best results?

Your part in the operation is essential. You can help achieve the best possible outcome by:

  • Apply ice covered in a tea towel over the area that day and the next morning after surgery to reduce swelling.
  • Keeping the area clean and apply vaseline.
  • Take tablet antibiotics as prescribed to avoid infection
  • Patients usually need one or two weeks off from work to allow the area to heal. We can provide you with a medical certificate on request. This will state “medical illness”
  • Do not smoke for at least 6 weeks after surgery
  • Avoid tight clothing for 6 weeks after surgery. Tight clothing can rub on the surgical area and cause discomfort or disrupt the sutures.
  • Avoid sexual activity for 6 weeks after surgery.
  • Come back for regular review as detailed in the next section to ensure your healing is progressing at each stage.
  • Please let us know if you have any concerns. You are always welcome to contact us at The Swan Clinic during office hours or on Dr Hadi’s mobile or email after hours. These contact details will be given to you after surgery.
  • As for scar management, be sure to apply Vaseline to the area as often as needed – generally three times a day.

What about post-operative visits?

As a minimum, you will be seen by Dr Hadi after surgery, at one week, at 6 weeks, at three months and twelve months after surgery. This is so that you can have the best possible outcome. These are at no extra charge.

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