What is a monsplasty?

The mons is the area between the pubic bone and the labia. It is the upper part of the hair-bearing part of the vulva. Some patients feel that this area is to full or bulging or too droopy with changes in weight and aging. A monsplasty is an operation used to address hanging tissue in the pubic area. You need to be carefully examined to determine what is necessary. Liposuction alone to the mons can improve the contour of the area. Occasionally, a wedge of tissue needs to be removed and the tissues suspended. This will result in the area being lifted, treating the low-lying mons.

What is a Monsplasty

Reasons patients want a monsplasty

Some women battle with a bulge of excess fat and skin in the mons. There may also be a desire to have the procedure after a large amount of weight is lost. Commonly this bulge makes women feels self-conscious and too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or tightly fitted pants. It can also affect their self-esteem, making them unhappy with the aesthetic of their vagina.

What does a monsplasty involve?

The monsplasty involves a reduction in the amount of fatty tissue and/or skin in the mons, depending on the cause of the bulge. In some procedures the amount of skin to be removed can be extensive while in others, just liposuction will be enough. The procedure starts by carefully marking the area. Local anaesthetic is then infused into the site. The excess tissue is then removed, before suspending the tissues. Closure is achieved with dissolvable sutures and a bandage is applied.

What type of anaesthesia is required for a monsplasty?

The type of anaesthesia required will depend on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed from the mons. In some cases, local anaesthesia with oral sedation may be used but general anaesthesia may be used in others.

Recovering from a monsplasty

The recovery will take about one week with restrictions on physical activity for two to six weeks after just depending on the degree of surgery. If skin was removed, then one or two drains may be placed with removal typically scheduled within the first few days after the procedure. You cannot bath, use a hot tub or swimming pool until the incision are fully healed. A gentle soap and water are recommended for daily cleaning. After two weeks, you will be able to begin using scar gel.

Do not worry if the area feels fuller than it did before the procedure, as this is just swelling which usually shows improvement over three weeks. Full exercise should also be avoided for about six weeks after surgery at which point you will be able to ease back into your workout routines.

What are the results of a monsplasty?

The surgery will result in a lower profile mons which should be less visible in clothing. For those patients who have a hanging mons, removal of excess skin can reduce the hanging.

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