Labiaplasty (vaginal rejuvenation) plastic surgery by a female only team


At The Swan Clinic, we have lots of patients requesting vaginal rejuvenation. We are a female only team of professionals that will look after you during this delicate process. You never have to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Many of our patients have seen other surgeons that have made them feel inadequate or uncomfortable, at The Swan Clinic, we strive to make you feel comfortable every step of the way. Any photos taken, will never been shown to anyone and your privacy is maintained at all times. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you have. Our philosophy is to provide surgery that will achieve a cosmetic result while preserving function of this area at all times. Vaginal rejuvenation covers surgery of the labia minor, labia majority, clitoral hood surgery and vaginal tightening. The majority of the patients we see request surgery of the labia minora or labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty Plastic Surgery

Labiaplasty is surgery of the labia minora. Hypertrophic or abnormally enlarged labia minora can occur either at the end of adolescence or after having children. This can become troublesome as it causes rubbing during exercise or can become prominent whilst wearing tight clothing. Labiaplasty is an operation performed to remove excess tissue from the labia minora. The operation is designed to minimise scarring and to maximise aesthetic outcomes. Our preference is the butterfly technique. This ensures natural results and optimal healing. At The Swan Clinic your comfort and privacy are paramount. Any photos taken will never be shown to anyone. In addition, we can ensure an all female theatre for your comfort.

Majoroplasty Surgery

This is surgery of the labia majora and can be done to enlarge or reduce this area. For various reasons, this area can be atrophic, causing a shallow labia minora to majora groove. This results in a large and prominent labia minora which can persist after surgery. This area can be augmented with fat grafting to restore labia majora fullness and the natural contour. Conversely, sometimes this area is enlarged and can hang beyond the folds of underwear or swim wear. In this instance, surgery can be used to judiciously trim this area to restore its natural shape and side.

Hoodplasty Surgery

The clitoral hood naturally exists to protect the clitorus from rubbing against clothing. This area usually becomes less prominent when labiaplasty or surgery of the labia minora is performed. In very select cases, this area can be reduced.

Vaginaplasty Surgery

Either during adolesence, childbirth or as we get older, the vaginal walls may occasionally need tightening. Part of this operation is also to reconstruct the muscles that can stretch with time. This operation needs to be performed under general anaesthetic. It involves removing a strip of the vaginal mucosa, repairing the muscles and tightening the vaginal wall. This operation needs to be performed in hospital and may be eligible for a medicare and private health fund rebate.

Labiaplasty Costs and medicare rebate?

For labia minora surgery, labia majora surgery and clitoral hood surgery, medicare rebates are only applicable for severe congenital surgery. Regarding vaginal tightening, there may be a medicare rebate applicable for functional problems. Please contact us for more details.

Labiaplasty back to work recovery

The expected return to work time is 3 days for office work and upto 1 week for jobs requiring physical work. You will need to apply Iced water gauze to the area for 48 hours. Allow 2-4 weeks for swimming, depending on healing. 4-6 weeks for heavy exercise and bedroom activities.

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