Fat grafting to the labia majora

Fat grafting to labia majora | labia fat transfer

Labia Fat Grafting

As with any other part of your body, even the labia are susceptible to the signs of aging. Over time the Labia Majora (outer ‘lips’) can begin to wrinkle and lose tone and elasticity due to the decrease in estrogen levels. This decrease can be caused by both childbirth and menopause as well as extreme weight loss, all leading to that labial deflation.

The appearance of a deflated Labia Majora

With the continuous deflation or thinning of the Labia Majora, so does the Labia Minora (inner ‘lips’) become more noticeable, particularly if they are darker in colour or hang down past the edges of the labia majora. Together they will give off the appearance of a flat and sagging labia, making the vulva appear much older.

Side-effects of a deflated Labia Majora

The most noticeable side-effect of a deflated Labia Majora will occur during sexual intercourse. The Labia Majora act as a cushioning, so when there is deflation, there can be discomfort during sex because that padding isn’t there to protect from the friction and impact.

Fat grafting to the Labia Majora

The good news is that this gradual deflation does not have to be permanent. At Swan Clinic we offer fat grafting to the Labia Majora as a cosmetic option to help improve the appearance and size. Fat grafting can be performed as an adjunctive procedure either at the same time as a labiaplasty, or at a different time. It is most suitable for Labia Majora deflation or with a shallow Labia Minor: to Labia Majora groove.

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