Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery

Desired Results

Each person’s motivation for breast surgery is usually different, however, the desired results are usually similar.

Also known as

  • breast implants
  • breast enhancement
  • silicone implants
  • boob job
  • Breast enlargement
  • Breast surgery
  • Boob implants
  • Breasts implants augmentation

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation is a sophisticated operation involving a combination of implants, fat grafting and accurate implant positioning. There are over 300 implants to choose from ranging from round to anatomical, smooth and textured. Which implant you choose depends on your body shape and chest wall size. It also depends on the look that you want to create.

How to choose the right breast implant for you?

There are a number of contributing factors when considering the right breast implant for you. Some of those factors include:

  • Different heights (how high it sits on the chest wall)s
  • Different widths (depends on your chest width)
  • Different projections (how far it projects from the chest wall)
  • Smooth vs textured implants (the outer texture of the implant)
  • Saline vs silicone implants

Where to place the breast implant

There are three positions, above the muscle, below the muscle or half-half. This means that the upper part of the implant is below the muscle and the lower part of the implant is below the breast glandular tissue.

What look you want to achieve and breast implant shape?

When getting breast augmentation, a lot of the decisions will be made by the look you want to achieve. There are two main looks: the natural look, which uses anatomical implants. And the high curve look, or Baywatch look which uses round implants.

How to choose the right breast implant size for you?

When you come to see us, you will have two consultations with Dr Hadi. This includes listening to what you want, assessment of your breast, chest and body shape. You will then have 2-D photographs and 3-D photographs with the Vectra camera system.

Using the Vectra System allows for different implants to be placed so you can see what surgery can achieve with different implant shapes and sizes. Your images are treated with utmost privacy and respect. They will only be used for you. Imagine the ability to simulate what you may look like after surgery.

You will also be able to see and feel examples of different implants. So, you can choose the right implant for you. You will then be able to think about your options and are welcomed back for a second consult with Dr Hadi at no extra charge to go through what you have chosen and to answer all your questions.

Once you have decided to proceed to surgery, you will be looked after by Dr Hadi every step of the way. You will have an all-female theatre for your comfort.

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