Thigh lift

Thigh lift is an operation that may be necessary due to weight fluctuations or from the effects of gravity.

What is a Thigh Lift and Post Operation Recovery

If a patient has excess fat only, sometimes liposuction alone can be used to contour the thigh. However, when there is excess skin, removal of this skin becomes necessary.

There are three main variations of thigh lift

  1. Horizontal incision thigh lift
  2. Vertical incision thigh lift
  3. The T-thigh lift

The horizontal thigh lift can be performed when there is minimal horizontal laxity.  The incision is made on the inner thigh, high up near the underwear crease. The excess tissue is removed, and anchoring sutures are performed to ensure long term results. The skin is then carefully closed in layers and a drain is placed. This drain is usually removed the next day and a compression garment is applied.

The vertical thigh lift is ideal when there is significant horizontal laxity. This incision runs along the thigh on the inner aspect of the thigh. The excess tissue is carefully marked and removed and again anchoring sutures are necessary to ensure long term results. A drain is needed overnight, and a compression garment is applied.

Occasionally, a combination of the above procedures is performed with a horizontal component and a small vertical component. This allows a combination of the above two procedures with the benefits of both.

The thigh lift is performed under general anaesthetic in theatre with overnight stay usually. Please contact us to find out which procedure is ideal for you. Post-operative scar regime usually requires taping for a few weeks with a tape we will give to you. Recovery takes 1-2 weeks with 4 weeks return to exercise. Compression may include a garment is necessary for around 4 weeks.

Please contact us to find out which procedure may be right for you.

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