Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery by Dr Reema Hadi in Sydney

Hypertrophic (abnormally large) breasts can become a concern during adolescence or later in life especially post children. Heavy enlarged breasts can cause neck and back pain and can interfere with every day activities such as exercise. Breast reduction is an operation performed to remove tissue from key areas in the breast towards a breast size suitable for your body. There is no ideal breast size- just one that is suitable for your body. Patients with hypertrophic breast often have a breast print on the chest wall that sits too low. A goal of the surgery is to reposition the breast higher to restore the cleavage curve. The nipple Areolar complexes often need to repositioned higher. As no two breasts are completely the same, part of the goal for this surgery is to reduce any asymmetry and aim towards natural looking and youthful breasts.

Features of best breast reduction surgeries

The best breast reduction operation restores the breasts to an aesthetic shape. During your visit, the pedicle and scar technique and shape will need to be determined. The pedicle of the breast is where the blood supply comes from. These can be superior-medial or inferiorly based. Which one is chosen, depends on what is right for you. The scar can be around the nipple areolar complex (periarolar), vertical or inverted T. The scar is determined by how much a of a reduction you need. Liposuction may be used as an adjunct to reduce bulge under the arm pits if needed. Our 3D camera, here at The Swan Clinic, can help you plan your surgery through virtual simulation of what can achieved for you. Dr Hadi will discuss all your options and to ensure you are more than comfortable with the final decision you make.

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