Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle Injections from Dr Reema Hadi in Sydney

At The Swan Clinic, we use Allergan’s product due to its long-term safety profile and clinically proven reliability and efficacy. Typically the results for anti-wrinkle injections can last between 3 and 12 months. This depends largely on the type of injectable used, where on the body the injectable is used and how much time you spend in the sun.

To get a better idea of how long anti-wrinkle injections last, contact Dr Reema Hadi.

Anti-wrinkle Injections can be done with the finest calibre syringes to minimise bruising. It can be used to target:

  1. The forehead (horizontal forehead lines)
  2. The glabella complex (frown lines)
  3. Lateral eyebrow lifting
  4. Bunny lines (nose smile lines)
  5. Crow’s feet
  6. Gummy smile
  7. Upturn corners of the mouth
  8. Masseters
  9. Platysmal bands (neck bands)
  10. Under the arm injections to minimise sweating

If you would like to know more about the anti-wrinkle injections offered at The Swan Clinic, or to request an appointment, please contact us today.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

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